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3 Tips to Get Your Offer Accepted

Don Pelletier

With over 36 years as a professional Realtor, and the 2,200 San Diego home sellers and buyers Don has represented, he has a long-standing tradition an...

With over 36 years as a professional Realtor, and the 2,200 San Diego home sellers and buyers Don has represented, he has a long-standing tradition an...

Sep 28 4 minutes read

In this market, buyers are oftentimes still competing for their dream home. This is because, since the local housing market began softening a couple of months ago, a good number of sellers are adjusting their price, in an effort to make their home more attractive, since there are fewer buyers-as well as increasing inventory, which creates more competition. Those that do, will in many cases, get the attention of multiple buyers. How can you make your offer stand out above the rest?

I have three tips to help you do just that! I have helped hundreds of buyers get their dream home, even in the prior market, where ten offers in a matter of days, was the norm, so I know how scary and exciting that it can be. It’s my job to help you get your dream home. Here are a few tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Make sure you've offered a competitive price for the home.

In this market, for homes that are priced properly, there are sure to be a number of Buyers interested in that same home you are wanting. Don’t hold out too much or you may find yourself losing out on that home.

2. Put down a larger earnest money deposit.

It shows that you are serious and tells the seller that you are more likely qualified to purchase. Be sure not to remove your loan or appraisal contingencies until you are absolutely certain that you are fully approved to purchase the home and the underwriter has given the full approval, otherwise you could stand to lose that deposit. What if you don’t have enough money for a large down payment? Well, maybe you can remove some of your contingencies? For example, maybe you’ve seen the inspections and know the house is in great shape, you could remove the inspection contingencies. Or you’ve been through the entire approval process and have DU approval, then you can remove your loan contingency so that your offer looks stronger.

3. Let the seller know that you have not written offers on any other properties.

You’ve verified the taxes and taken them into consideration in regard to your payment. Let them know that you are going to be as reasonable are possible in regard to repairs and requests once you go into escrow. Make sure your agent is in contact with their agent consistently, helping to make you as the buyer stand out in the eyes of the agent. Believe it or not, that can be what seals the deal.

Whether you want to sell your existing home, buy your first home, upsize, downsize, purchase a vacation home, or just talk about options, a real estate professional is your best source for information based on current trends in our area. If you're interested in learning more about the 2022 real estate forecast, don't hesitate to reach out - we're happy to help!

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