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Emotional Divorce and Selling Your Home

Don Pelletier

With over 36 years as a professional Realtor, and the 2,200 San Diego home sellers and buyers Don has represented, he has a long-standing tradition an...

With over 36 years as a professional Realtor, and the 2,200 San Diego home sellers and buyers Don has represented, he has a long-standing tradition an...

Apr 27 4 minutes read

An Emotional Divorce - have you ever heard of such a thing!? Well, you or someone you know has been through one. If you don't have a plan and are not monitoring the process of a sale during the sale of a home during an emotional divorce, then expect things to spiral out of control very quickly. Because of this – it's very important to have a realtor who specializes in divorces! It is most important that the professional realtor you hire to lead you through the divorce is specialized and has done it before. Why is that so important, you ask? Because - your lawyer, therapist, and financial advisor all work FOR you and your soon-to-be EX will also have their team of professionals - you need to compete. Your realtor is the only one that works for both of YOU! Therefore, it is in the best interest of both of you. Divorce is known to be one of the most stressful things to go through in life - emotionally second to losing a loved one. While nobody has died, it is like death because, at the end of any marriage or union, you must deal with the same grieving process. Like any huge emotional shift, many times this causes one or both parties to act irrationally and unreasonably. This is especially unpleasant during the time a home is getting ready to be put on the market. 

As your realtor, I am here to help you navigate through all the things that could happen, especially when one of the parties is more reluctant to sell the home than the other. This can be because maybe children are involved and that may be a roadblock in the sale of the home along the way. For example, if the home is on the market, they may not allow buyers to come and view the home without any good reason. This can cause potential buyers to not view the home resulting in the house sitting on the market for longer than desired, making the home appear less desirable. This will have an impact on the amount you get for your home. 

Another factor to consider is confidentiality - it will always be better if the buyers don’t know that you are selling because of a divorce. This will always make buyers feel like they have an advantage in negotiations - causing lower offers than what you would want your asking offers to be. When picking your realtor, it's important to pick someone you feel you can trust. Having that atmosphere of someone you trust so that you both can communicate freely and openly in a manner that will ensure your questions and concerns are addressed thoroughly. Having a realtor who is trustworthy with extreme patience and unwavering integrity with genuine empathy for whatever you are going through and someone who has specialized knowledge and skill in the divorce of the real estate transaction processes will help to make a difficult time in your life a much smoother transition. 

My team and I would be happy to help walk you through all your options and help you find the best solution that will work for you and your family should you find yourself in this position. Feel free to reach us at 858-336-1114 or [email protected].



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